5 Best WiFi Hotspot Apps For Laptop in 2020

We are always on the go, and along with us, we need to have our devices connected to the Internet as long as we require or want. Sometimes while we are on vacation and are staying in some hotel or otherwise if we are visiting the cafe, then we are provided with the local internet/Wi-Fi access to only one device, and asking for another access may be chargeable.

At that moment, we are left with only one choice, either the laptop or the smartphone, to be able to connect to the Internet. But thanks to the programmers that they have created few programs to turn our laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot device, which instantly lets our smartphone connect to the Internet, which is already having the internet supply in it on our laptop.

Without talking much, we would like to present you with five such applications that will turn your laptop into a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot network.

1. mHotspot (Free) :

Mhotspot is one of the most popular among users, and also we the team members of Droidmix use it as our primary Wi-Fi hotspot app on our laptops, which comes for free. The mHotspot is a small yet powerful application for Windows users to create a Wi-Fi hotspot network from their laptops. The most less resource using and the efficient app we can rely upon for a virtual wireless network.

Wifi Hotspot for PC

We have liked the UI as well as the performance of mHotspot, which is one of the best. While using for few days, we have found a bug that when we go away from the Wi-Fi range from our laptop and if our smartphone is connected, it will generally lose the network, but later, when we come back, it denies joining back. So we have to restart the mHotspot again on our Laptop to make the smartphone connect again.

2. Connectify 2015 (Free/Paid):

Another virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot application for Laptop is Connectify, which comes in two variants, one is the Hotspot 2015(free) version, and the other one is the Hotspot 2015 PRO/MAX(paid) version. Connectify hotspot is also a powerful program made for windows, especially to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in which the Pro version works like a charm.

WiFi Hotspot Apps For Laptop

Connectify comes with lots of features, and one of the major ones is the Connectify Dispatch, which helps you create a Wi-Fi Hotspot combining all the available internet connections on your Laptop.

3. Virtual Wi-Fi Router (Free/Paid)

Virtual Wi-Fi Router or MyRouter is yet another alternative to mHotspot and Connectify. It is similar to Connectify having two versions, one being the free version and the other paid version. But both works pretty well and fast.

WiFi Hotspot Apps For Laptop

Some of its Features:

Share your Internet with WiFi-enabled devices.
Customizable SSID (Wi-Fi Name).
A friendly User Interface.
WPA2 Encryption
Add/Remove/Edit port forwarding.

  • 1 license = 2 computer
  • File transfer limit (25 MB)
  • Ad-Hoc Win XP and Vista
  • Ad-Hoc Protection
  • Fully-Customizable SSID
  • Fully Managed Port
  • Contains Ads
  • No Premium Support


  • 1 license = 10 computers
  • File transfer (Unlimited)
  • Ad-Hoc Win XP and Vista
  • Ad-Hoc Protection
  • Fully-Customizable SSID
  • Fully Managed Port
  • Lifetime License
  • Contains Ads
  • Premium Support 24/7

4. Open Garden(Free)

One of the popular Wi-Fi Hotspot programs is the Open Garden, the company bets that it has more than 5 million users. It is also considered to be a better alternative to Connectify. It also works with MAC Operating System with few bugs in it.

WiFi Hotspot Apps For Laptop

Open Garden works with two devices having the program installed; for example, if you want to connect your smartphone internet from your Laptop, then you will have to install Open Garden on both the devices and then run it.

5. MyPublic Wi-Fi (Free)

MyPublic Wi-Fi is a free tool for creating Hotspot in Windows, and it also comes to a 64bit application. It allows you to record and track all visited URL pages on your virtual WIFI-Hotspot; you can even restrict a user to access a specific server.

WiFi Hotspot Apps For Laptop

This is an ideal solution for a person who goes to hotels or cafes and is allowed to use the Internet on one particular device. With MyPublic Wi-Fi, you can share the Internet.