Top 10 Must Have Android Apps in 2020 [Author’s Pick]

Android is an integral part of our life now, and most of us own a smartphone-based on it. In this article, we will share with you the top 10 must-have free Android Apps in 2020. When you own an Android device, you start thinking of having the essential apps for your smartphone. Many times you end up with unwanted apps and result in leaving the best ones that are useful and also help to increase your productivity in your daily life.

We have selected such apps for an Android smartphone that we at Droidmix have installed and using them for a long time. The following Android apps are for staying connected with social media, messaging, watching videos, and listening to music on your Android smartphone.

1. Google Chrome – Best Browser For Android

One of the best browsers to surf, many of us do not like the default browser that comes pre-installed on Android devices. They tend to be slow and work like a lazy lad, and we prefer Google Chrome for Android because it is fast, convenient, and it helps you synchronize with your Google account. It syncs online and also helps you get the history of the visited web pages on the PC Chrome Browser as well, which you visited on your Android smartphone.

Best Android Apps

[appbox googleplay]

2. CCleaner – Best Android App for Cleaning

CCleaner is one of the best cleaning tools among the Android Apps available. This app is perfect for keeping your Android device boosted with speed and performance. Ccleaner is more useful if you have a rooted android device which helps you remove the bloatware pre-installed on your smartphone.

Best Android Apps

It also helps you to remove junk files that are stored on your device after you surf the internet or use the system gallery. There is a special dedicated button that you can keep it on your home screen, and once pressed, it releases the resource-hogging apps and frees up the RAM.

[appbox googleplay com.piriform.ccleaner]

3. Facebook – No.1 Social Networking App

We all use Facebook to stay connected with our friends and family. This application from the Facebook Developers is the most convenient app for the android device, which helps you to get the notifications and chats without missing them. Yet a resource-consuming app, but is good for smartphones, which have a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

Best Android Apps

You can always ignore the resource and performance issues if you want to be connected all the time socially. There is a smaller version of this application known as the Facebook Lite, but lacks many features.

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.katana]

4. Instagram – Top Image/Video Sharing App

Another socially connected app is Instagram. You can play around with your clicked pictures and give them special effects and then share them online on the Instagram account. This app is exciting and entertaining, too; you get to meet many different people from all around the world.

Best Android Apps

[appbox googleplay]

5. Messenger – Best Messaging App

The Facebook messenger is a must app if you want to chat with your Facebook friends. Facebook developers have made it a must to be installed an app to chat, and we do not complain about it at all because it is smooth and helps you organize the chat heads and messages on the go.

Best Android Apps

There is a smaller version of this application known as the Messenger Lite, which doesn’t have any sort of ads from Facebook.

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.orca]

6. MX Player – Top Free Video Player

This is the best video playing application for Android. This app is the best among all, and you will love it once you install it. It is a lot better than the default android video player. MX Player helps you to pinch-zoom the video while being played. Another feature is it helps you increase the volume and the brightness over the screen itself without going to the settings or without interrupting the video being played.

Top Android Apps

[appbox googleplay]

7. Nova Launcher – Lightweight Launcher for Android

Most of the time, android devices come with a default launcher, which is not attractive or user interface friendly. Nova Launcher is a wonderful and lightweight application that helps you change your android smartphones’ entire look, and also it has many customizing options. Nova Launcher doesn’t use much of the system resources, unlike the default launcher in most of the android smartphones.

Top Android Apps

[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher]

8. Truecaller – Best Dialer and Caller ID App

You must have already heard about this wonderful app, which helps you trace someone’s number. Truecaller has a large database of saved numbers that circulate among other users. It lets you know someone who is calling you for the first time or a stranger.

Top Android Apps

[appbox googleplay com.truecaller]

9. WhatsApp – Top Messaging Android App

The most popular app and the most downloaded app on google play store. This app is a must because we all use it and is the best alternative to the default messaging app. You can message someone who is in your contacts for free of cost, but it may be chargeable to data services.

Top Android Apps

[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp]

10. Google Photos – Best Photo Storage App

Google Photos is the best photo storage and gallery application among the Android Apps available on Google Play Store for free. Unfortunately, on many AOSP based devices, this application is not present. Google Photos lets you save your photos to its cloud-based service for free of cost in two ways, one saving original quality which is limited to 15GB, and the other one is unlimited storage. Still, the resolution is limited to HD only.

Top Android Apps

[appbox googleplay]


Android Apps are essential and hold an important part in our daily lives. Our team uses the above apps, and it makes our daily productivity higher than usual. Many alternative applications can be used and are available for free on the Google Play Store. You can comment on your favorite app which you use, and we will enlist it in the article next time.