How To Turn Your Smartphone Into a Wireless Camera

If you have an older Android phone in the drawer, it’s time to take it out and turn it into a decent wireless camera. Doing this is much easier than you imagine through an IP Webcam, which takes over the flow of your webcam to your computer or mobile phone.

What you need to do first is to install the IP Webcam on your device.

The app has many choices that you can hurt by changing the settings for video recording and connecting the app to the viewer (browser, vlc or whatever you choose). One of the basic settings you need to set before you get started is the feed password for Feed, so make sure you do not have access to your camera.

Once you’ve finished with the settings, you select Start Server, and the screen shows the camera image from your device and an address to view it.

Webcam for Android Mobile

Open a browser from a PC connected to the same wireless network, and enter the address that appears on your mobile screen (for example, The page that opens will prompt you for the code you put in the settings before displaying the image from your camera.

Webcam for Android Mobile

Through the Web-Ui application on your PC, you can view Flash, Browser, Java, or Javascript while similar options are available for transferring audio. As you will see through Browser, you have complete camera control, Zoom enabled, Flash enabled, Night shot, and you can record Video if you feel it or take some pictures. The image is excellent, with minimal delay (which appears most often in the sound). At the same time, the recorded videos also have a Watermark in the free version of the application, which I do not think you are worried about. Besides Browser, you can also use an application like VLC or Zoneminder.

If you want, you can also use Tinycam to view your mobile stream. The only negative thing about the app is that it is not possible to transfer the image over the internet, which means you can use it only if the camera and projector are on the same wireless network.