How To Speed Up Your Android Phone In 2021

Today almost everyone has an Android smartphone. Android phones are the most commonly used worldwide. In addition to Android, iOS smartphones are also used very well, and however, if the thing is of business, then Android users are many times more than iOS users.

Both the Android operating system and the iOS come with many features, which improve the phone’s performance and each of the latest OS has its specialty. Regardless of the number of the newest OS, the version of the phone starts to slow down.

How To Increase Android Phone Speed

Today we are talking about the same reasons that make your smartphone slow. By understanding these reasons, you can also get rid of the problem of phone slavery. So let’s begin.

OS upgrade

First of all, you have to keep in mind that every phone’s performance depends on the combination of the OS, RAM, and memory in it, that is to say in simple words, the better the coordination, the better the phone’s performance will be. All of you know that every smartphone has OS and processor. If your phone works on an old OS and you want to upgrade to a new OS in your phone, it is essential to keep in mind that it is comparable with the processor given in the phone or not, as I said earlier. If the combination of OS and processor is not correct, then with the phone’s speed being slow, there may be many other problems.

App update

Game Apps, Entertainment Apps, and More These apps, called lightweight, are gradually heavy. Let’s download many types of apps to your smartphone. This is by updating these apps. These updates cost a lot of RAM and CPU, and your phone starts to slow.

Background playing apps

One of the things we ignore in the smartphone is the application running in the background. You might be surprised to know that 80% more apps are installed on your phone. Many users think that their phones have 10-15 apps, while they have 40-50 apps. The hassle occurs when these apps start working in the background. It uses your RAM, and its effect is on the phone.