Top 15 Games Like ARK: Survival Evolved

The Gist: If you love the concept of action-packed survival games, then these 15 ARK: Survival Evolved games you should check out. Developed by Studio Wildcard in 2017, ARK: Survival Evolved is an adventure action survival game. It is conceivably the most exciting, action-packed game in the market right now.

However, if you are exhausted by combating against the dinosaurs and crazy sci-fi futuristic weapons, we have other ARK games on our list. We have broadened our list with other games in this genre for the ARK fans worth checking out.

1. Conan Exiles

The Conan Exile game let you experience the horror of an ancient battle survival. In this open-world game, you need to rescue yourself from the exiled realm. This game is pretty sensual and mature. You would be witnessing the barbarian deaths of the warheads, hearing the wailing of their women and seeing them driven before you.

The graphics of this game is quite staunch than most of the other survival games on this list. However, it still has the basic elements that every survival game contains: stranded buildings, artilleries, armour shield, farming, foraging, exploration, etc. It also gives you the capabilities to perform the rituals sacrifices to summon your chosen god and embodied it to exact your wrath upon others.

No doubt that it is one of the most brutal games. Want to give it a try?

2. Subnautica

Yet another game similar to ARK, Subnautica, is the sci-fi game played underwater. You can pretty much define it as a Subnautica in a nutshell. This game will dive you deep into the underwater world, where you will be exploring the ways to survive against the aliens.

Everything in Subnautica is perfect, from its beautiful underwater landscapes to its swimming suit to make aquatic life a bit easier. The Subnautica has brought uniqueness in the survival genre games as it is not confined to specific places like other land-based survival games.

It lets you see through different perspectives and gives you the chance to discover other resources or get rewarded with attractive undersea visuals that would even fascinate James Cameron.


Raft is somewhat like a Subnautica survival game. It gives you the experience of maritime locale, although only surface areas of sea are covered. But not in the slightest way; it is less adventurous or actionable than Subnautica. It’s rather quite proficient and gives the same level of fulfilment and excitement.

You will initially be building a raft to save yourself from massive great white sharks. However, you can also explore the underwater world and look for things that can aid you in your survival.


Rust is an actionable game similar to ARK: Survival Evolved with varieties of deadly weapons and armours. Although Rust is less ruthless but more gloomy, Conan Exiles set in a modern age. Your character will be stranded in a populated area with no clothes and weapons. Your every step will ignite the danger that lies in every corner of the region.

It is a multiplayer survival game where you’ll regularly witness airplanes dropping helpful supplies (usually weapons), and you needed to rush to those drop zones to get ahead of other players.

But, as usual, guns without ammunition are merely a toy made out of metal. So at every step, you have to struggle for your survival.

5. DayZ

Let’s not forget one of the savage survival games with no rules, DayZ. It primarily started as a mod for ARMA 2 and received quiet appreciation in the gaming community. It is based on the zombie apocalypse survival game, combined with Walking Dead TV Show, where zombies are just trivial threats. Other players mass more danger.

DayZ is kind of like PUBG, all by oneself. You cannot trust other players (remind you it is a survival game). So you go out, loot weapons, find survival aid kit, you tell other players that you mean no harm to them, and then they kill you for your guns.

6. Life is Feudal: Your Own

Life is Feudal: Your Own also enters the top list of games like ARK: Survival Evolved. It offers you a chance to adventure in the medieval world dressed as a knight. Your character starts as a solo adventurer in the middle of a primitive plot of land to survive the cruel medieval rules.

As it happens in every open-world survival game, you must do basic chores like build, craft, and kill to survive in an unknown world. However, as your character progresses further in the game, you can team up with others to increase your chance of survival.

7.Osiris: New Dawn

If you want to experience the life of Matt Demon on the red planet in the movie The Martian, but in a game form, then Osiris: New Dawn serves you the same. A sci-fi based game like ARK upholds you to a new dimension of the futuristic world where you combat against the aliens on another plant (not Mars) in the year 2078.

Not only one planet, but you will also be exploring the whole solar system Gliese 581 aliens. Osiris: New Dawn contains overwhelmingly captivated bits and pieces related to space like aliens, space ships, base building, Star War weapons and hardcore combat. The only downside of this game is that it needs a decent computer system to run it smoothly.

8. Subsistence

Endurance in Subsistence is difficult and more relentless than most modern survival games like ARK. Although it’s quite similar to Rust, its hard emphasis on wildlife with a better animal Artificial Intelligence and inevitable forces of nature make humans realize their trivial existence without tools.

It is not for people with faint hearts who only play to lighten their mood. You will require a lot of thinking to avoid the discomfort of defeat, but the option of teaming up gives a sign of relief to combat the dangers of nature collaboratively. The game is still in its early stage and is short of content for now.


SCUM is the most practical and real-time survival game. No other game in the list of games likes ARK: Survival Evolved is as realistic as SCUM. Your character in the game feels and experiences every speck of the moment that happens in real life. From maintaining a proper diet, including nutrition’s (fat, protein, sugar, vitamins, minerals, etc.), taking a bath, peeing, pooping, to getting caught by disease, this game mimics real-life situations.

No, you don’t need to confuse it with household games. Despite the modern realm, the game offers you scare-jumps and mind-boggling moments due to the zombies (referred to as “puppet” in a game), giant machines and wild animals. Although the game is still in early access yet the potential of SCUM cannot be overlooked.

10. The Forest

The Forest is a cooperative horror survival game, where your character is a father with his son whose plane has crash-landed on an isolated area of an island. You wake up and discover your son is nowhere to found on an island filled with terrifying cannibals.

You must serve your duty as a parent and go against all odds of the disturbing and frightening environment of an island and save your son. But, along the way, you will come across frightening terrors waiting for you in the dense Forest.

11. Green Hell

Another forest survival game has made its place in the list of games like ARK. This game takes place in the murky area of the Amazon forest, mainly focusing on the psychological effect of being abandoned in a remote area fighting for survival.

You need to beat the hostile natives, wild animals, sickness and other terrors for your survival. This game received a well early response.

12. Savage Land

The gaming community may argue whether to consider it a survival game or not, but it’s worth a try, even if it is just for an adventure. Its impressive visuals and awesome creatures design are worth your time and the price.

The mixture of giant creatures, splendid visuals, and classic horror plays it well.

13. 7 Days to Die

The plot of 7 Days to Die is the same as other zombie games on this list. However, the multiplayer game has received quite an appreciation from the audience of the survival games. It’s addictive gameplay, and authentic multiplayer has made it one of the most popular zombie-based game.

14. Astroneer

Astroneer has a unique plot and graphics in the list of games like ARK: Survival Evolved. This survival game received lots of love and appreciation due to strong supports by the game developers. In addition, the light and delightful visual style made this game popular.

It is one of the cutest video games, especially in the survival/crafting genre

15. Orion: Prelude

Orion: Prelude is the first game that made dinosaur survival/crafting games popular even before the ARK. It is a blend of dinosaur mayhem, bemusing FPS action and other survival elements that set the ground for ARK: Survival Evolved later become.