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App name KLWhatsApp
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If you are bored with the original WhatsApp, then you would download GBWhatsApp for more features, right? But then, people always look for more, and this is where KLWhatsApp comes in. Before I give you details, please do check out DroidMix for other mods.

Moving forward, It wouldn’t be a surprise to find a modded version of an already modded version of an app. As confusing as it sounds, it’s possible, and more than a handful has made it.

One of the many mods for WhatsApp, KLWhatsApp is actually a re-modded version of one mod for WhatsApp–GBWhatsApp. Very confusing, I know, but it offers more than GBWhatsApp and is subsequently based off of it, too. Let me expound on all these details.

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About KLWhatsApp

KLWhatsApp, developed by Karam Lord and his team, has all the staple features of WhatsApp mods, including, but not limited to, theme customization, privacy mods, sharing mods, security locks, etcetera. Of course, it wouldn’t be creative if those were the only features KLWhatsApp has, right? Right. So I’m pleased to say that I will tell you about the other features you wouldn’t find in other WhatsApp mods, even in WhatsApp Plus. However, before I give you the features, try to download the app first so that you can try the features are we go along.

Download APK

Here’s the download link for KLWhatsApp. Before you start the download, make sure your device meets the minimum requirement and has enough storage space; otherwise, the app won’t run properly. Also, enable “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your device. Doing this will allow you to download from your browser.


After your download of KLWhatsApp’s latest version, it’s time to install it on your smartphone. Here are the instructions on how to do so.

  1. First, go to your phone’s settings
  2. Then go to security and enable “Unknown Sources
  3. Open the KLWhatsApp file which you will find in your file manager
  4. Press install and wait for it to download
  5. Tada! You now have KLWhatsApp on your phone

Now all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen that are asking for your personal information and mobile number, and you’re good to go!

KLWhatsApp [Features] 

Here are the staple features of most mods. Yes, they are naturally present in KLWhatsApp too, so don’t fret because you will not be missing anything but, in fact, gaining more.

Protection mods 

  • Lock your WhatsApp
  • Nobody can see your last seen
  • Hide view status mo
  • Anti-Revoke mod
  • Hide Blue/Second tick mod
  • Hide your recording playing status
  • Hide typing and recording status


  • Change WhatsApp theme
  • Change color and style of WhatsApp home and chat screen
  • Modify the color and size of pop-up notification and widget
  • Pick chat tick style from 15 different styles
  • Change language and font
  • Change the launcher icon with over 35 different icons
  • Change notification icon with different 30+ icons


  • Offer up to 50MB file size video
  • Offer high-quality image without losing size and quality
  • Transfer up to 16MB size audio
  • Status video limit to 7 min instead of 30 seconds
  • Message Scheduler


  • Conceal specific notification like contact, group, and others
  • Always show online or always show offline
  • Show contact tab on the home screen

Message and Calls

  • Choose who can call you
  • Choose to not see your unread messages
  • Gifs available
  • Use other players to view videos
  • Download and copy your contact’s status video, images, and text

Special Mods 

Here are the added features on KLWhatsApp that makes it unique from GBWhatsApp.

Principle Screen Mods: This mod will help you fully customize the main screen, chat screen, and other parts of the app. It will also enable you to use the old 2014 and WAMod home style.

Status Screen Mod: This mod enables you to hide muted, recent, or viewed the status of contact from the status tab.

Likewise, hide floating chat heads, status, and call tabs. You can also choose to show or hide your WhatsApp name, number, or status.

Discussion Screen Mod: This KLWhatsApp mod will allow you to customize the action bar, conversation style and will let you choose from various pre-installed fonts.

It will also give you the chance to send a pre-typed text, or auto text, to your friends and group chats instantly.

Here are more updates that you will find in the latest KLWhatsApp mod. Be sure to try them all.

  • Added alternative to conceal heart symbol from a discussion
  • Change fundamental screen style
  • Change the text style of settings in addition to choices
  • Enhanced program lock
  • Enhanced skimming button
  • Fixed bug connected to heart symbol in status reply
  • Hid WhatsApp Web alternative
  • Hide contact name
  • Hide frequently visited area
  • Hide new call symbol from activity bar
  • Hide recent visits
  • Hide security status symbol
  • More Stickers
  • Night mode
  • Numerous alternatives for settings
  • Option to conceal featured messages
  • Option to put names of contacts on the call screen
  • Send a heart in the visit screen
  • Swipe left to close the chat
  • Undo old emoticon


⬇️How to download KLWhatsApp 

Go to KLWhatsApp in DroidMix and click on the download button. This instantly saves the file into your device.

ℹ️ How to install KLWhatsApp 

Once you’ve downloaded the APK from KLWhatsApp in DroidMix, find the file in your device and click on it. Follow the instruction that appears.

❔How to update KLWhatsApp 

Make it a habit to visit KLWhatsApp in DroidMix because this is where you’ll find updated versions of KLWhatsApp . When you need the update, simply click on the download button and install the APK in your device. This automatically updates your version to the newest one.


Enjoy the basic features of WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp but with added fun features. Download KLWhatsApp now and let me know what you think. Leave a message for me in the box below.