ARWhatsApp APK Download Official 2021 Edition For Android

App name ARWhatsApp
Last Updated 1-day ago
App version Latest 2021 Version
App Size  52 MB
Developer Team ARWA

WhatsApp is the most mainstream application for sending messages and making calls even from across the globe. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply that it being the best is the reason various designers have chosen to discharge their own forms by adding highlights that enable us to deal with the application. In fact, there are things missing, like customization, that many users want. Hence, the emergence of mods like ARWhatsApp, the mod that I will cover on this page. Before I give you the download link, be sure to check also other mods on DroidMix.

Download ARWhatsApp

You can download the APK for ARWhatsApp here. Before you do that, though, check if your device meets the minimum system requirement; otherwise, the APK might not run on your device. Check also if you have enough storage space left to run the app.

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How to Install ARWhatsApp mod? 

You are unlikely to download ARWhatsApp from Google Playstore, so your best bet is the download button above.

Before downloading, make sure that you enable “Unknown Sources” first so that you can download from your web browser. Go to your device’s settings and choose security; you will find “Unknown Sources” there. Enable it, and you’re free to download. Below is a step by step process to install JTWhatsApp on your android phone. Now, here are steps that you must follow.

  1. Download the app from the button above
  2. Open your file manager
  3. Tap on the file you just downloaded.
  4. Wait a few seconds as it automatically installs.
  5. Once installed, open the app
  6. Encode your personal information, your number included
  7. You should receive a verification code on your phone number to verify your account.

Take note that WhatsApp might block you from using mods since the company does not encourage it. Thus, I suggest you use a different account.


Why install ARWhatsApp, you say? Well, I can safely say that there are features that the original WhatsApp lacks, and ARWhatsApphas them. Here is a list of those features:

  • Change the textual style and size
  • Download the subjects to modify the application
  • Download those of your friends
  • Hide online status and
  • Hide seen ticks and typing indication
  • It is conceivable to compose longer status
  • More customization choices
  • More emoticons.
  • More security choices
  • Send documents faster
  • Send higher memories of video and audio files
  • Use more than 1 contacts on one phone


⬇️How to download ARWhatsApp

Go to ARWhatsApp in DroidMix and click on the download button. This instantly saves the file into your device.

⚙️How to install ARWhatsApp

Once you’ve downloaded the APK from ARWhatsApp in DroidMix, find the file in your device and click on it. Follow the instruction that appears.

????How to update ARWhatsApp

Make it a habit to visit ARWhatsApp in DroidMix because this is where you’ll find updated versions of ARWhatsApp. When you need the update, simply click on the download button and install the APK in your device. This automatically updates your version to the newest one.

????Is ARWhatsApp safe?

WhatsApp is aware of existing mods, and it does not recognize such mods. Hence, if you use mods like ARWhatsApp, your account is likely to get blocked, so I suggest that you use a different account for the mod. Meanwhile, in terms of malware, your device is safe.


If you are already bored with the simplicity that WhatsApp gives you despite it being adequately functional, then what’s stopping you from getting a mod? Like what I’ve said earlier, mods won’t damage your device, so I encourage you to try it.

Check out all the features and let me know what you think about them in the comment box below. You may also leave some suggestions or questions, and I will try my best to get back to you.