Top 5 Best Android Web Browsers Alternative To Google Chrome

A lot of you guys still use Chrome on your android device, and a lot of you guys continue to complain about it, and that’s why a lot of you guys must have been looking for some of the best Android web browsers that you can use and well that’s what this article is all about.

Today, I’ll be talking about the Top Five Best Android Web Browsers that you can use in 2021. All of these browsers are super fast, come with their unique features, and well they’re completely free and do not take a toll on your system resources. Well, then let’s get started.

KIWI – Fast & Quiet Web Browser

Best Android Web Browser

Okay, so kicking things off, we have KIWI web browser, which is my go-to web browser for any android device kiwi uses Chromium as a base but offers plenty of useful features. It includes Native Add blocking, a pop-up blocker, a night mode with a hundred percent contrast mode for Amoled Screens, and Crypto Jacking protection. You can also reposition many UI elements such as the address bar and the bookmarks bar to suit your liking. Unfortunately, you can’t sync your Google account data from your PC directly, but “KIWI” is an excellent browser for what it’s worth.

Microsoft Edge

Best Android Web Browser

Now, speaking of syncing data, I have switched from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge on my pc hence it makes a lot of sense for me to switch to Microsoft Edge on my android device. Not just because of Edge and for the syncing features but also because Microsoft Edge in itself is a very, very good web browser. Now, as I said, Edge offers seamless sync across all your Edge Browsers, and just like the Desktop version, the android app doesn’t use a lot of your resources. This includes your passwords, bookmarks, and history. It also uses Chromium as a base but is very lightweight and quite functional, and the UI here is very simple to use.

Brave Private Browser – Secure, Fast Web Browser

Best Android Web Browser

as well now, a lot of you guys are quite concerned about your privacy, and while Brave browser remains at the top of that list for many users, I would slide with Firefox Focus. Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it. It is always working in Incognito, and zero data is saved on your device. Add to that that by removing all sorts of trackers, your web pages also load faster.

OH Web Browser – One Handed, Fast & Privacy

Best Android Web Browser

Now, moving on to one web browser that I recommend quite a lot is the OH web browser. Simply because of its unique user experience. The browser has all of its controls at the bottom for easier navigation. The whole app is designed for easy one-handed usage by incorporating gestures that make browsing easier and so much fun. It comes with its ad blockers and a download manager, and the best part here is that it does not require extra permissions like most web browsers out there.

Phoenix Web Browser

Best Android Web Browser

Lastly, if you’re looking for a lightweight web browser, look no further than the Phoenix web browser. Weighing in at just Seven MB, Phoenix is a very light browser that still packs in some great features. On top of being a fast web browser, you get a download manager ad blocker, a video downloader, and best of all, a fully functional data saver feature as well.

Wrapping Up

Before we wrap things up, I know many of you guys are wondering why I did not include any web browsers with their own bundled VPN. You see, the truth behind it is that, well, most of those VPNs aren’t good. They disrespect your privacy, and I wouldn’t want my visitors to be misguided in that direction, which is why I already have an article talking about some of the best free and paid VPNs for android, ios, windows, or whatever device you want to use. Of course, as in this Article is android. You might be interested in the android ones, but the links to all of those articles are listed below, so go ahead and check them out, and yeah, if you need a VPN, those apps are for you.

And well, that was it. You can always find the download links to all the apps that I talked about in this article. Also, if you like this blog, make sure to let us know by giving us a comment and subscribe to our Blog’s newsletter for more awesome tech content. Also, if you like to see any other listicles about the top five best apps or XYZ reasons, make sure to comment down below, and I’ll try my best to write an article on that asap.